Palomar Fund operates a systematic quantitative futures strategy with a track record of stable positive returns with low volatility and a low correlation to hedge fund and market benchmarks.


Our core investment philosophy is that strategies should be built around persistent and understandable investor behaviours.   Palomar aims to provide investors with steady returns that are uncorrelated to the markets we invest in and to competing hedge funds.  Palomar’s strategy is driven by statistically significant anomalies and price behaviors that recur over time, enabling us to produce consistent performance across market conditions.

Patrick Boyle


Founding Partner


Patrick has been developing and trading the quantitative futures strategy underlying Palomar since 2001, while working for Victor Niederhoffer, a former partner of George Soros'. Patrick has since been a Portfolio Manager at RBS, Millennium and Nomura. Patrick has traded this system across a variety of difficult market conditions from very low-volatility environments through to the extreme volatility in 2008. He is a part-time Visiting Professor in the department of Economics & Finance at Queen Mary, University of London. Patrick has a Bachelors in Management from Trinity College Dublin, and a Master’s in Finance from London Business School.


Jesse McDougall


Founding Partner


Jesse began trading at Barclays Capital in a Proprietary Trading group in 2005, researching and trading a variety of alpha strategies including long/short, event-driven and quantitative futures trading. Before Barclays she worked in Corporate Finance for BMO Capital Markets both in Canada and in London, working on advisory teams for large-cap Canadian companies. Jesse is a part-time Visiting Professor at Queen Mary, University of London. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree concentrating in Finance, with a minor in Mathematics from McGill University (Great Distinction), and a Master’s in Finance from London Business School (Distinction).



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