Careers at Palomar


Attracting, motivating and retaining top talent is a priority at Palomar. Palomar Capital Management gives employees the opportunity to make a difference with their ideas and see their work deliver results.


Palomar is a research-driven company, where technical ability and innovation are highly prized. Creativity in designing and implementing trading strategies is at the heart of our success. Our elite team of employees deals with complex challenges on a daily basis. Solving these problems involves harnessing our employees’ diverse skills, while working in an open, friendly atmosphere that fosters creativity and promotes teamwork.


Palomar Capital Management has a small company culture. We employ creative self starters who enjoy seeing a project through from start to finish.  Employees may have specific roles, but their input in different areas is always welcome, as the overall goal is to consistently improve the way we do business.


Palomar is a customer focused company.  Customer satisfaction is core to the success of our business.  Employees are expected to understand that achieving customer focus involves ensuring that the whole organization puts customers first.


Palomar aims to provide employees with a high quality of life. We’re looking for creative, technical, science-minded professionals. If you fit the bill, we welcome you to take a look at the career opportunities Palomar has to offer.


To learn more about our career opportunities, we invite you to view our open positions.


UK Phone: +44 207 099 1899

USA Phone: +1 617 758 8055