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Palomar Fund operates a systematic quantitative futures strategy with a track record of stable positive returns with low volatility and a low correlation to hedge fund and market benchmarks.  The Founding Partners Patrick Boyle and Jesse McDougall first worked together in 2004 while studying at London Business School researching alternative investment strategies.  Patrick Boyle has worked in asset management since 1997. He began his futures trading career in 2001 initially working for Victor Niederhoffer, a former partner of George Soros and an innovator in statistical / quantitative trading.  Jesse McDougall researched investment strategies and managed money since 2005, initially in Barclays Capital’s Equity Derivatives Arbitrage Group running both long/short equities and systematic futures strategies.


Palomar Fund brings together the best risk-return strategies of the Partners’ investment experience.  The strategy is based on short-term statistically significant market behaviours that recur over time.


Palomar Fund is a Cayman Islands domiciled hedge fund founded in 2012, with Palomar Capital Management LLP acting as UK Investment Manager to the fund.



Investment Strategy


Our core investment philosophy is that strategies should be built around persistent and understandable investor behaviours.   Palomar aims to provide investors with steady returns that are uncorrelated to the markets we invest in and to competing hedge funds.  Palomar’s strategy is driven by statistically significant anomalies and price behaviors that recur over time, enabling us to produce consistent performance across market conditions.


Palomar focuses research on, and trades only in, highly liquid, developed-market futures contracts.  Each position taken has strictly defined entry and exit parameters.  Tight risk management controls are built in from the start.


We are a directional futures firm with a distinctive strategy that has been proven to add material diversification benefits within a portfolio including CTAs or other hedge funds along with traditional investments.

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Palomar Fund

Palomar Capital Management LLP


Managed Futures

October 2012

Developed Markets


FRN 589092

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Cayman Islands

USD $100,000



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Grant Thornton

Morgan Stanley

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Kaye Scholer

Conyers Dill & Pearman

UK Phone: +44 207 099 1899

USA Phone: +1 617 758 8055